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Your exploration of Slovenia should be filled with pleasant moments of hospitality. Among many other types of accommodation, you can choose from tourist rooms, apartments, holiday houses, boarding houses, guest houses, farm stays and small hotels where the welcome is as warm and individual as it would be for visiting friends and relatives. Attractive private accommodation in all its diversity is available right across Slovenia - especially where tourism always means a sincere invitation to get to know the local attractions.

We invite you to themed accommodation such as:

Accommodation in Houses of Tradition in Slovenia is distinguished by its traditional character, which has been imprinted on the various properties by their former owners. The tradition of such accommodation is revealed through its architecture and decoration, but above all through personal contact with the host family. This quality accommodation is complemented by a carefully preserved natural environment as well as by a healthy, varied cuisine based on home produce which is cultivated with love.

d cottages are a feature of the Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Bizeljsko-Sremič wine districts. They stand on the edge of vineyards, on the sunny sides of hills, and offer wonderful views over the surrounding landscape. Built and maintained with care and love by the local people, for many they represent a second home. Traditionally, only friends are invited to a vineyard cottage, but now their owners wish to share them with you. If you are seeking authenticity, tranquillity and relaxation in the countryside, you are sure to fall in love with them.

On farm stays you experience real country life as you wake up at one of more than four hundred tourist farms to the ring of cowbells, the tweeting of birds and the aroma of fresh bread. You will find that these tourist farms are little havens of tranquillity and relaxation, and you will get to know friendly people, their customs - and their domestic animals.

For an easy search of private accommodation in a certain area or place, we suggest you use the map and criteria search in the section search.

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We hope your stay in Slovenia exceeds your expectations and you will return again and again.


House Sosič
Apartments - hiša Sosič
Strunjan, Strunjan, Coast and Karst
The apartments, room-studio andthe typical cuisine restaurant of the Strunjan all situated in the House Sosic all offer you a feeling of being at home, even when you ara far away from it. The feel of the coast, preserved...
2 xfrom 40€
3 xfrom 40€
Apartments Buda
Apartments BUDA
Čezsoča, Čezsoča, Julian Alps
Bovec is situated in the upper stream of the beautiful river Soča, surrounded by mountains, greenery and forests. Because of its remoteness from the bustle of the city, it retains the lively beat of a mountain tourist de...
3 xfrom 32€
Hotel Vila Triglav - summer
Hotel Vila Triglav
Kranjska Gora, Ulica Ivana Krivca, Julian Alps
We are a family company, which has been catering to the needs of our guests since 1992.
1 xfrom 48€
1 xfrom 80€
1 xfrom 132€
Camping Kamne
Mojstrana, Dovje, Julian Alps
Camping can accomodate up to 200 guests in tents and caravans. Rentals: simple bungalows and comfortable apartments.
1 xfrom 70€
House of tradition Želinc
House of tradition ŽELINC
Cerkno, Straža, Julian Alps
Straza is often called »At Zelin’s« by the locals. The surroundings offer a variety of excursion points to visit, and bicycles, parachutes and kayaking equipment can be hired at the homestead. On rainy days a visit to th...
6 xfrom 33€
7 xfrom 50€
2 xfrom 95€
Sobe Silak
ŠILAK - Hiša usnjarja Jerneja
Ptuj, Dravska ulica , Pohorje with surroundings
The House is located in the oldest part of Ptuj in immediate proximity to Restaurant Ribic. This part, know as tanner street »vicus cerdonum«, was mentioned in a document already in 1291. Seemingly a simple house it rev...
2 xfrom 33€
6 xfrom 44€
1 xfrom 33€
2 xfrom 60€
1 xfrom 54€
2 xfrom 64€
1 xfrom 83€
House with tradition Lectar
House of tradition LECTAR
Radovljica, Linhartov trg, Julian Alps
The country-inn "Lectar" is a very popular inn in the medieval part of the Upper Carniolan town of Radovljica whose name was first mentioned in the year 1333. Apart from delicious food we offer a trip to the past by vi...
9 xfrom 70€
Apartment BARBARA TOUR AS - Location
Ljubljana, Kotnikova, Ljubljana with surroundings
This very new modern apartment is centrally located on quiet Kotnikova Street – only 1 km from the main square in historical centre.
1 xfrom 85€
Rogaška Slatina, Mladinska ulica, Savinjska
Sunny and modern apartments (SUN&MOON) in Rogaška Slatina, 500m from the centre and thermal health resort. http:www.apartma-pak.si
1 xfrom 38€
1 xfrom 54€
Guest house STARI KOVAČ
Bovec, Rupa , Julian Alps
Our restaurant and apartments are located in northwest of Slovenia, town called Bovec. There you can enjoy rafting canyoning and kayaking on the emerald river Soca, hiking and biking in the peaceful surroundings and moun...
1 xfrom 54€
1 xfrom 54€
1 xfrom 105€
1 xfrom 120€
1 xfrom 150€
2 xfrom 44€
House of tradition Seruga
House of tradition ŠERUGA
Otočec, Sela pri Ratežu, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Just a stone’s throw from mainroads and the city, at the end of all routes, lies the Seruga homestead surrounded by forests and a rippling stream. Once the location of a former mill, the Šeruga farm has opened its doors ...
2 xfrom 38€
6 xfrom 64€
2 xfrom 93€
House of tradition Slamar
House of tradition SLAMAR
Nova vas, Nova vas, Coast and Karst
The Slamar guesthouse, a magnificent country homestead built in 1857, lies in the midst of the breathtaking Bloke plateau. Explore this oasis of tranquility and unspoilt nature in the surroundings of the Cerknica Lake by...
1 xfrom 40€
4 xfrom 65€
1 xfrom 105€
House of tradition PLESNIK
Solčava, Logarska dolina, Savinjska
The Plesnik family is one of the three oldest and most distinguished families in Logarska Dolina, and the pioneers of tourism in this breath-taking valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Logarska valley is an ideal starting ...
4 xfrom 50€
1 xfrom 75€
Overnight accommodation ISA
Portorož, Pod Anteno, Coast and Karst
Vila Toni is located at Beli Križ at an altitude of 70 m, with a wonderful view of marina Portorož, Soline, Bernardin and the Croatian coast. The nearest shop in only 150 m from the house, where you can also find two res...
1 xfrom 58€
1 xfrom 62€
Apartment ALEŠ TAVČAR /
Bled, Zasip, Ledina, Julian Alps
Apartments Tavčar lie in the heart of the Slovenian tourist jewel. The town of BLED with its healing climate and wonderful scenery offers a wide variety of opportunities for spending your free time and recuperating yo...
2 xfrom 34€
1 xfrom 60€
1 xfrom 90€
1 xfrom 110€
Vineyard cottage Pokorny
Otočec, Srednje Grčevje, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Pokorny Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located on the sunny side ofvery scenic Grčevje vineyards, near Novo Mesto and Otočec.
1 xfrom 78€
Apartment Vita - location
Apartment VITA/TOUR AS
Ljubljana, Rimska cesta, Ljubljana with surroundings
This spacious apartment is located in historical centre on Rimska cesta, behind the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
1 xfrom 75€
Rangusova posest
Šentjernej (Škrivno), Drča , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Rangusova posest - appartment is located on a hill, which offers a beautiful view of the Carthusian Monastery Pleterje.
1 xfrom 67€
1 xfrom 80€
Vineyard cottage Bregač
Šmarješke Toplice, Koglo, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Bregač Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Koglo vineyards above Šmarješke Spas.
1 xfrom 60€
Vineyard cottage Krštinc
Straža, Zavrtnica, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Krštinc Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located among the Straška gora vineyards above the river Krka, between Novo mesto and Dolenjske Spa
1 xfrom 72€
Vineyard cottage Gole
Šentrupert, Hrastno , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Gole Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located in the green hills of vineyards above Šentrupert, near Trebnje.
1 xfrom 58€
Vineyard cottage Goršin
Slatenska gora, Križe, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Goršin Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located in the Slatenska gora vinyards near Novo Mesto (nice vue on Novo mesto and Gorjanci)
1 xfrom 60€
Vineyard cottage Popotnica
Otočec, Srednje Grčevje, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Popotnica Vineyard Cottage - apartment is located among the Grčevje vineyards near Otočec and Novo Mesto.
1 xfrom 78€
Vineyard cottage Brodarič
Drašiči, Nova gora, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Brodarič Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Nova gora vineyards between Drašiči and Metlika.
1 xfrom 59€
Vineyard cottage Majzelj
Šentjernej, Vrbovci, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Majzelj Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located in the vineyards near Pleterje monastery and Šentjernej.
3 xfrom 31€
Vineyard cottage Rataj
Sevno, Trška Gora , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Rataj Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Trška gora vineyards near Novo Mesto. It has a nice view to Novo Mesto and Gorjanci
1 xfrom 67€
Vineyard cottage Meglič
Trebnje, Lukovek, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Meglič Vineyard Cottage - appartment is situated in vineyards around Trebnje, near the Lanšprež castle and Debenec mountain hut.
1 xfrom 61€
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